Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Scoop

So here's the scoop.

I left my computer on, sitting on a side table in our family room, with the Bell stick plugged in. It was sticking out past the edge of the table. Dumb move....YUP!!! Meanwhile our six year old son was busy playing a Hot Wheels game on the Wii.

A couple things to note about that...first of all, this Hot Wheels game does not require one to jump, move, swing, or make any big movements....secondly, JUMP, MOVE, SWING and make BIG movements is exactly what my darling son was doing. Thirdly, darling son is totally oblivious when jumping, moving, swinging, and making BIG movements in his game.

Darling son's backside met poor unsuspecting bell stick and in a brief little instant, my internet service was history :(

Of course our saga can't end there. Turns out that Bell stick meets little boy's butt is not covered under warranty. UGH!!

Sore little boy's butt, many days, and Much money later.....Yippee, internet service restored.

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