Tuesday, October 12, 2010

They Deserve It, and So Do I

I have been struggling.
I have a lot of negative self talk.
I say I want to change.
I have lots of things to change.
I don't change.

I NEED to change.

I know that I am not giving my all.
Not to any part of my life.
Not to my house.
Not to my kids.
Not to my husband.
Not to my house.
Not to my church.
Not to my family or friends.
Not to my community.


I don't believe in myself.
I listen to the negative talk that is
almost constantly playing in my head.
I lose sight of all I have.
I lose sight of where I want to go.

and what's more is
that I am actually looking forward to it.

A fresh start.
Yes, it might be ANOTHER one,
but that's okay
I deserve it, and I'm going to take it.
My kids and my hubby
deserve that effort from me.

So bring on tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reading .... Do I have to?

Me:  Let's do your reading.
Gabe:  Do I have to?

This is the way our conversation starts almost every day after school.
Reading is NOT one of Gabe's favourite past times.
This makes me sad.
He can read.....
when he pays attention and actually LOOKS at the words,
and sounds them out
instead of trying to just guess from the pictures.

I try to get him to understand that
reading is a gateway to an
amazing world of wonder.
You can go anywhere and be anything in books.

He doesn't seem impressed.

It is my hope that one day
the light will go on
reading will become something
he loves.

In the meantime,
we will continue to have our daily conversation.

How do you help your kids to learn to love reading?
Got any tricks or tips?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Thank God It's Monday!


I know that this is a pretty radical statement.  With most people rejoicing when it is finally FRIDAY, why on earth would anyone be thankful that it is MONDAY?

Well, if you haven't figured it out already, I haven't been having the best few weeks lately.  I go through times like these every once in a while.  They aren't fun.  Thankfully it is usually only a few weeks and then I am back to my normal self.  It can be quite the struggle while I am in it though.

So, why am I thanking God that it's Monday?  Well, I am feeling pretty much back to myself today.  The sun is shining(this is a BIG thing for me), the older boys are at school, baby is napping at the moment, laundry is on, and I'm feeling like I might actually have a productive day.

I have a to do list that is atleast a mile long, and a weight loss journey that has stalled horribly, a house that needs some serious cleaning, but thank God its Monday, perfect for a fresh start.

Well, I must go dear friends.  I'm feeling good, and I'm not going to waste it. 

Hope you are enjoying your monday!!