Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reading .... Do I have to?

Me:  Let's do your reading.
Gabe:  Do I have to?

This is the way our conversation starts almost every day after school.
Reading is NOT one of Gabe's favourite past times.
This makes me sad.
He can read.....
when he pays attention and actually LOOKS at the words,
and sounds them out
instead of trying to just guess from the pictures.

I try to get him to understand that
reading is a gateway to an
amazing world of wonder.
You can go anywhere and be anything in books.

He doesn't seem impressed.

It is my hope that one day
the light will go on
reading will become something
he loves.

In the meantime,
we will continue to have our daily conversation.

How do you help your kids to learn to love reading?
Got any tricks or tips?

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