Saturday, April 17, 2010

I Struggle

I struggle.

I am struggling.

I am struggling with many things, but right at this moment I will talk about just one.

I have been at Weight Watchers for 10 weeks now, and this past week was another gain :(

Certainly not what is supposed to be happening.

Definitely not the programs fault.
It's me.
Why am I letting myself just coast along?

Why am I giving myself excuses for not doing what I know needs to be done?

Why do I think I'm not worth the effort?

Am I just lazy?

Is it just because I don't want to get of my butt?

Is it because not doing is better than doing and failing?

Is that it??

Am I afraid to fail?

Am I afraid that I can't do it, so why bother?


Why is it easier to listen to the negative voices in my head than the positive ones?

Some days I get so frustrated with myself.

How do you stay positive?

How do you keep moving on the right track?

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