Thursday, July 29, 2010

10% and More

At this weeks Weight Watchers weigh in I finally achieved my 10% goal of 28 pounds.

I received my 10%keychain,

and my 25lbs charm to go on it

to add to my 16 week charm that I already achieved.

My journey has been slow. I have had some struggles and some small successes, but reaching this first 28pounds has renewed my desire to achieve my goal.  It has renewed the will in me to make it happen, to not just sit back and let my life move forward without me. 

For far too long I have questioned my ability to really be able to lose 145 pounds. Now having reached my first big goal and 35.2lbs (from my heaviest) of that 145lbs gone, I feel like it is all possible!

I CAN do this.  With Weight Watchers I am learning the tools I need to be successful on my journey.  I'm forming better habits, learning how to make this a permanent life style change, and being given a great deal of encouragement.  I am very glad that I made the committment to Weight Watchers, but more importantly that I made the committment to myself.

My boys and my husband deserve the best that I can give them.  Losing this weight is an important part of that.  But it is much more than losing the weight.  It is learning how to make better choices.  Teaching my boys that a healthy lifestyle is important.  Teaching them that any goal worth having is worth working hard to achieve. 

Has it been easy so far? 

Will I still struggle? 

Will I give up? 

No way!


  1. Congratulations hun. I think the most imporatant part of this post is what you wrote at the end. You can do this. x

  2. How awesome on your milestones, those are great! I have a lot to lose as well and making mini goals is a lot easier to look at then the whole thing at once. I didn't even think to do my 10% which is what they suggest first! I'm working on getting 50lbs down, 10lbs down, 40lbs to go. :)

  3. Congrats. Milestones are so important in helping with our focus and giving us the pats on the back and recognition that feels so good! Keep up the good work....


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