Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Break

So how was your March Break?

Mine was good. Actually better than I had expected it to be. Having Gabe and Zach home together all week was not something I was really looking forward to. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, and love being with them, but they can get on each other's nerves which in turn REALLY gets on Mommy's nerves. I was not sure how the week would go.


I was pleasantly surprised. The boys did really well together. They played, they ran, they yelled, they laughed, they snacked, they really had a good time. We had a couple of bonuses during the week too. My sister came out to spend a day with us, Gord actually got to take his day off, and Gabe had two afternoons where he got to get out without the rest of us.

His wonderful bus driver Lea plans several events during the week of March Break for her bus kids. Did I mention she is AWESOME!! She took more than 40 kids to Laser Quest on the Wednesday, and to bowling on Thursday. Gabe got to attend both. He was totally excited, and had a fabulous time at both. It also gave Mommy a break too.

We spent some time at a couple libraries, played video games, read stories, and thanks to the beautiful weather, got to spend a good couple of days outside in the fresh air.

All in all, a really good week.

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