Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I can't wait...

I know that my weight loss journey will be a long one. How can it not be with almost 145 pounds to lose (119.2lbs to go)? I know it is a lifestyle change and that the changes I am making today are helping me to change my life. Each day that I continue on this journey I am one day closer to getting there.
Am I looking forward to reaching my goal?
I think that it is some of the 'bonuses' that I am looking forward to more than reaching that goal weight.
For example
To not be the fat mom!
(kids in school can be mean, and I never want to be a cause for heartache for my kids)
To be proud of myself!
(I know that I am probably harder on myself than anyone else. I want to be able to look at myself and know that I did it)
To have my husband and sons proud of me!
(they love me just as I am, but I know they will enjoy a mom that likes herself, a whole lot more)
Being able to be active with my family!
(right now I just don't have the energy, and don't desire anyone seeing the body I am currently in jiggling around..that could scare anyone)
Able to fit in a bathroom stall!
(and not the handicapped one)
(you know what I mean....you walk in then have to do some wild acrobatics just to get turned around to be able to sit down and do your business)
To shop for clothes in REGULAR stores!
(Shopping is one of the things I enjoy least right now, and I look forward to WANTING to go and buy some new clothes)
To fit in the changeroom and like looking in the mirror!
(it is not a pretty sight watching yourself try on clothes...especially if you've picked a size that's still too small)
To be able to wear matching pretty bras and panties!
(lace, bows, patterns...dare I say push up (lord knows that once the weight is gone the girls are gonna need some help!) and panties...well you can't call what I wear panties..that sounds much too dainty lol)
Or how about being able to sit COMFORTABLY in a theatre seat or on an amusement park ride!!
( I always pray that no one will sit right beside me in a theatre...hubby is on one side, but I prefer some space on the other side...otherwise I feel like I am overflowing into the other patrons seat.....and amusement parks...well, we haven't ventured there in years now)
Or to eat and not feel like others are judging me for eating 'that'!!
(I look forward to being the person that others look at and think...wow, how does she eat that and still look so good)
To be an encouragement to others!
(no matter where they are in their journey, no matter what their journey is, I want to show my kids and others that it is all possible if you just keep moving forward!)
Are there more?
but we'll leave them for another day.

What 'bonus' are you looking forward to?


  1. Don't forget acrobatic sex.

    Oooops, did I write that out loud?!

  2. LOL @ Lucy!

    I am most looking forward to the clothes like you, running around the park with my girls, being healthy. I think the term you were looking for with the undies is granny pants! *g* That's what I call 'em anyway :P

  3. I also don't care about the actual number than how I feel or look in the mirror once I'm at my goal. We'll get there!

  4. How about Sex with the lights on??

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