Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm a Lucky Girl!

Over the last several weeks I have really enjoyed discovering new blogs. Blogs of SAHMs, WAHMs, Weightloss, Faith and so much more. They inspire me. They make me laugh, think, be thankful, and the list goes on. I have also been lucky enough to have a few of them come and visit my blog.

On some of these blogs they have Giveaways!! What a great thing! Hi, thanks for visiting my blog, here enter to win this fabulous.....! Now, I normal don't win anything, but I entered a few giveaways a couple of weeks ago. They were great products, and I thought......'what the heck'

Well as the title of this post says, I'M A LUCKY GIRL!!

Not only did I win one of those giveaways, I actually won TWO!!! I really want to share about them and the lovely women who gave them to me. So, with no further ado....

The first item I won is this children's book called "This Little Prayer of Mine" by Anthony DeStefano. It is a sweet book that lets kids know that God is always near, ready to respond to their requests. But they also learn that prayer is about more than just asking for things. It's about sharing their feelings, their sadness, their uncertainty and for giving thanks. It reminds them that they are loved, and that God will always care for them.

It is a beautifully illustrated book. I love the soft pallett of colours that Mark Elliott has used, and the pictures are easy for kids to identify with. A great book :)

This was a giveaway from Paula at Boogers and Burps. Don't you just love that name? Has to be a mom of boys right? Yup, 3 just like me :) Thank you Paula for this great giveaway. My boys and I love the book!

The second giveaway came from Jennifer at Mom vs The Boys. Yes, you guessed it, another mom of boys....and 3 at that! LOL

Mom vs the boys

Her giveaway was this Lysol Healthy No Touch. I was expecting a small package, but when it arrived, this is what it looked like!! Makes a girl feel special:)

This is a great handsfree soap dispenser. You just place your hand under and it puts the soap right in your hand. It is sitting at our kitchen sink for all of those moments when your hands are slimy from raw chicken, or gooey from the cookie dough etc. It is perfect.

We have also placed one in our bathroom. This could provide great temptation for our boys, but they have been ASKED to refrain from playing with it. Truthfully, they have been really good with it, and it keeps them from turning the bar soap brown with all their dirt.

All in all, two fabulous products that I am thrilled to have won. Thank you ladies! I enjoy visiting your blogs and will continue to be a regular reader :)


  1. Thanks Janessa, so glad you liked it!!!

  2. Wow, how cool is this stuff!!

    I've never entered a give-away. Makes me wanna try ;)

  3. What a nice post, Janessa! I'm so glad you and the boys like the book! And I agree, it's so wonderful finding new blogs. Some of my best friends now were found through blogging!

  4. Ha! You just won something else!! I was just verifying your entry and thought I'd check out your blog! Looks great! Check you email :)



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