Monday, May 10, 2010

Prayers please!

Yesterday I found out that a long time family friend has cancer. I prayed for him and his family. What a scary time in their lives. I thought about how blessed my family has been to be....knock on wood...healthy. I look at my boys and pray for their health and safety.

Today I was reading a blog that I read regularly. Her post was about another blogger who's 16 month old daughter has been diagnosed with cancer!! 16 months!! I prayed for them. Then I sat thinking about my boys. My youngest is only 10 months old, and it is a horribly scary thought to think that someone so young can be hit by such a horrible disease. Again I pray for the health and safety of my boys, my hubby, myself and our families. My heart hurts for all of those suffering, not only with cancer, but with anything that is causing hurt, pain and struggle in their lives.

Heavenly Father, I ask you to sending your healing power onto these people today and always. Fill these families with your strength, lift them up when they fall, encourage them, love them.

Please go and visit and give them some love and support. It will be a long journey for them and we need to encourage them.

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