Tuesday, June 8, 2010

If Life Gives You Rocks....

There is a quote that goes something like this....
If life gives you rocks,
whether to
build a wall
build a bridge.
I have no idea who wrote it, but I thank my sister for sharing it with me.
I have come back to this quote several times this week. Life will always give you rocks of some sort, and it is your choice what you are going to do with them. But I started thinking about how that applies to my weight loss journey.

When something comes up that upsets me, or changes my plans for the day, derails my exercise attempts, or knocks me off track, all ROCKS, what do I do with that? Do I allow them to become a wall, stop my progress, and stop my journey?

Do I CHOOSE to build a bridge that will get me back on track and back on my journey?


  1. Oh I LOVE that saying and I love the images!

  2. That's beautiful.

    I've been reflecting on obstacles these days...we all have them...and we all think we're the only one who does...

  3. I hadn't heard that saying before, it's lovely and I love the images you chose to go with them :)

  4. Darn good point. If something derails my goals for a particular day I automatically ditch it all and tell myself I will start again tomorrow...lol...even when it comes to taking my vitamins!


  5. Hi there...look forward to getting your posts via RSS!

    I used to use them to build a wall....now stone by stone i'm building a bridge. This time on solid foundations! Lovely phrase!

    I found you via Fat2Fit...Hope you enjoy http://jadedgymjunkie.blogspot.com

    J.V. x

  6. Hi, I found your blog on the Fat to Fit blog hop, I love that quote, it is so true how we do that with weight loss. I am going to focus on building my bridge!


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