Thursday, June 24, 2010

Renewal is Good!!

This was a truly great week.

With the renewal last week of my committment to my journey to a healthier, happier me,  I made sure that I stuck to the plan, and was rewarded at weigh in yesterday!

One of the things that we had been reminded of in our WW meeting last week was...
If you bite it, write it!
If you snack it, track it!
If you nibble it, scribble it!
If you drink it, ink it!

I really tried to focus on this and wow was I amazed at how easily things went into my mouth.  Every time I put something into my mouth I wrote it down.  I even went as far as taking something out of my mouth (before I chewed on it LOL) because I knew I didn't want to write it down.

Anyway, I tracked, I stayed within my points, drank my water, and drank, and drank...(and peed and peed and peed).  I didn't get in much exercise, but I was still very happy with how I felt during the week.

Weigh in wednesday morning was a wonderful reward.  I was down 9.6lbs!!!! Now, I know that I have to take into account that I had gained a total of 6lbs in the previous two weeks, but still almost 10lbs?!!  Awesome!

I am hoping to reach my 25lb and my 10% (28) goals at my next weigh in.  Adding the exercise in this week and making sure I keep tracking, watching, will hopefully get me there!

I am very thankful that I have renewed my committment, and am ready to keep going!


  1. Wow! Yay, I am doing a renewal this week! I am terrible at journaling but it really does help. Thanks for the motivation!


  2. Great job on keep up with tracking. It really did pay off! Your weight loss in a week is impressive. Keep up the great work!

  3. 9 lbs!?? Woah ~ that;s great! Congrats ;)

  4. OK, now I'm certain you know of what you speak! lol

    Almost 10 in one week? Now I'm really motivated to try for the 10 in one month! Thanks, Jess!!!

  5. What an awesome weigh in!!! CONGRATS!!!! Keep up the fabulous work x

  6. Wow what a great week! All that water seems to have flushed all that weight gain out..and then some! I'm really happy for you!

    ..and just think, that was with not much exercise either!

    *big hugs*

    lol what happened to the thing you took out of your mouth? It didn't go back into the packet did it? ;)

    Gail x


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