Monday, September 13, 2010

A New Schedule. A New Routine

It's Monday!  This is the start of my first week with my "new" schedule!  I have two boys in school fulltime now, so it's just me and Isaac once we get them onto the bus at 8:15am and off again at 3:45ish.

As I type this Isaac is taking his morning nap.  I have dishes done, laundry on the line, another load in the washing machine, boys beds are made and room is straightened up (that will be part of THEIR new routine starting tomorrow).  Still have lots to do, but ready to have the time to myself to do it now.

I don't know about you, but I have a list that is longer than my arm of stuff that I have been meaning to get done, but with 3 kids at home for the summer, just never seemed to find the time.  I am hoping to get that list tackled quickly, because a lot of it needs to be done before the snow flies.

Things like (in no particular order)...
* sand and repaint a dresser
* sand and repaint two old school desks
* get all of the flowerbeds cleaned out and ready for winter
* organize the sunroom/porch
* organize the playroom
* organize my Avon business and GET SELLING!!
* finish unpacking the stuff still left in Isaac's room (yes we moved a year ago and I still have unpacking to do!)
* get back to a regular exercise routine
* meal plan!
* paint the boys room
* clean and organize the garage
* and the list goes on.....

Here's hoping to getting this week off to a great new start!
What things do you have on your list?

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