Saturday, September 11, 2010

September 11, 2001.....I remember.

What do you choose to remember? Everyone seems to be asking today if you remember where you were when you heard of the attacks of September 11th. Do I remember? Yes, but what else do you remember?

There was so much devastation, destruction and death that day, but there was also amazing heroism, selflessness, love, hope and miracles. It is a day that touched everyone is some way. We will be forever changed, the world will be forever changed.

I prayed alot that day and the days following it. I prayed for those who died, those who survived, those left behind, those who gave their lives to save others, those who committed these horrible acts, for my family. I thanked God that I wasn't there, that my family wasn't there, for all those that were saved, for all of those He took home that day.

Today, I pray and thank God for all those things again. I hugged my children close and was thankful that they had yet to be born on that fateful day. I thought about what I will say to them in a few years when this anniversary comes around again and they are old enough to know about it and ask questions. I pray that I will have intellegent, heartfelt answers for them.

There are times when I question the value of progress. We have made such advances in medicine, architecture, science, technology, education, and so on, but we have also made advances in weaponry, warfare, and terror.

What advances have we made since that day in 2001? Are they good? Are they bad? Are they making things better or worse? What kind of things will be changed forever because of that day? What does the future hold?

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