Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Do We Fall

Today's quote is from the movie Batman Begins.  I chose to use this one for today's inspiration/motivation because of a comment left yesterday...thanks Melissa.

It has been said like this.....
   Why do we fall?

So we can pick ourselves up again.

The actual quote is......

Why do we fall?

So that we may LEARN to pick ourselves up again.

I think that is very important part to the message!  Every time we fall, we learn more about whatever it is we are trying to do.  With my weightloss journey, every time I "fall", I learn more about what I am doing that works, doesn't work, the places I struggle, what things are triggers for me, etc, etc. 

The more I can learn with each time I fall, hopefully the less I will have to fall. 

So, as long as I make sure to learn something from each time I do fall, then it has not been for nothing.

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