Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cowboy Gabe

Do you ever take pictures of your kids and wonder where the heck they got "THAT" from?

The weekend of Halloween Gord dressed up for work as a Wyatt Earp type character, complete with guns, cowboy hat, and spurs.  He looked great.  The boys thought it was great too...especially the guns (of course).

When he got home from work that night he handed Gabe his hat, and the following are what came out of it.

It starts with this...

a little smirk as he notices Mom is taking a picture.

Then, of course, the guns come out.

Notices Mom is still taking pictures, and really starts to get into it.

Now for the cowboy face...

Now just for the Ladies...

Howdy Ma'am

And we finish with this.

Too funny!  I laugh at these every time I look at them.  Gotta love him.

But wait, before you go, you have to see

Zach 'The Kid'

Ain't he just the cutest?

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