Tuesday, March 22, 2011

General Grievous + The Emperor = Cool Mom

...well, atleast for today :)

I love my boys.  They are bundles full of energy, attitude and dirt.  They drive me crazy.  They make me laugh.  On one hand I yell at them too much, but on the other I give them extra chances too.  There are days when I am sure they don't like me very much, but there are other days when I KNOW how much they love me!

As a parent there is always a desire to give your kids the things that they want.  Obviously giving them EVERYTHING they want is not wise, but some times it bums me out when one of them asks for something they REALLY want and we just can't afford to get it.  Finding things that don't cost anything but make the boys feel like they have been given something awesome can be a challenge.

Today I had the pleasure of finding one of those things :)

My older two boys LOVE playing Star Wars Lego on the Wii.  It is actually fun to watch them play sometimes.  This game can be played just sitting on the couch, but not for my boys.  They hop around and jump and swing.  They get their very own little workouts. 

One of their favourite parts of the game is opening new characters.  They do their best to earn points to be able to do this.  They try hard, but they die.....alot.  Every time you die you lose coins.  Over the last few weeks they have talked alot about wanting to open General Grievous and the Emperor.  General Grievous was 70 000 coins, and the Emperor was 250 000!!!!  Those numbers are HUGE when they get to numbers like 25 000 and want to spend them. LOL 

Well last night I decided that I would try and help them earn some coins to get these two characters opened.  Now, i must admit that I enjoy video games.  I don't play alot, but when I do, I can lose track of time....easily.  Last night was no different.  I started to play about 8pm and at 10pm I finally shut it off.  Wow, just like that 2 hours were gone!

But, it was 2 hours well spent.  I happened upon a level where it was pretty easy to add up the points.  I just kept playing the same level over and over.  I was successful enough to open both the General and the Emperor as well as several others.  But the best part for me was opening a x2 multiplier and invincibility.  Now the boys will have a better chance of earning the coins and keeping them.

Fast forward to this morning. 

Normally I don't let the boys play video games before school, but I was so excited for them to find out what I had opened that we turned the game on.  They were so happy and Mommy was totally cool! It was awesome fun.

Sometimes its the simple things :)

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