Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life Jackets and Water Wings

Another great day here in Embrun.  My sweet sister-in-law took the boys for me this morning when the woke up at 6am, and let me sleep.  She is totally awesome.  She had them dressed, fed, and heading to the park before I even headed for the shower.  The sleeping in was very, very appreciated.

Anyway, moving on to todays Tales of Three....

My boys don't know how to swim.  That doesn't stop them from wanting to go in a swimming pool though.  I was smart however and asked one of my other sister-in-laws if I could borrow several life jackets before we left home.

Yesterday Isaac was the first in the pool with his oldest cousin Ben.  The life jacket didn't work so well and made it very difficult for Isaac to hold on, and he was thoroughly unhappy.  Once we took it off, he was great, and loved being in the water.  Then there is Gabe.  Life jacket on, up the ladder, and within 5 minutes is merrily bobbing around the pool.  Now it is Zach's turn.  We got him into his suit, then into the life jacket.  He went up the ladder, sat down, and that is where he wanted to stay.

After some prodding from my youngest nephew, Cameron, I too ventured into the pool.  MAN was it COLD!!!! But, I was still in within about 5 minutes.  Now, Zach is still sitting on the top of the ladder with his feet in the water.  He even got off the ladder so as not to be made to go in when I was getting in.

I prodded him to come in with us, and he wasn't feeling that so much. LOL.  Now me being a little stubborn about some things, made him come in with me.  I think in total he was in the pool for less than 15 minutes and he cried the whole time, and held on for dear life.  I have no idea why he had that kind of issue?  He has never had a bad pool experience, but he certainly was not impressed.  Once he stopped crying we let him get back out.

This brings us to tday.  Ben and Cam get in the pool in 2 seconds flat.  For Gabe we decided to try Water wings this time.  He did absolutely awesome.  Once we got him settled enough in the freezing water,  I made him try to touch the bottom.  The first time he said he couldn't, but after serveral attempts he figured out that he could touch and then he was off.  He was thrilled to be swimming , and was really doing well with it.  I was very proud of him.

Zach is another story.  He got back into his swimsuit, back in the life jacket and sat back at the top of the ladder.  He didn't want to swim, but he didn't want to have his nap either.  Eventually the nap won out.  Back out of his swimsuit, and the life jacket, I took him upstairs for the nap while he proceeded to cry that he hoped it would rain so he wouldn't have to go in the pool. lol  I only napped with him until his was asleep,  Thankfully he slept for afew hours!!!

Now it is very dark out, and I need to get some sleep.  I will post some of pics as soon as I soon!!

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  1. My youngest daughter is the same. We just got back from a week away and she would NOT get in the pool. Ended up with my partner taking the two eldest girls each morning and me staying back with the youngest in the caravan drawing or whatever till they got back. Same thing - she's never had a bad water experience so I'm not sure why she hates it so much.


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